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Google Index Me!

To say this site is under managed is an utter understatement! Why?

I have done the SEO dance for other sites that I manage with Google for 10 years, and along the way I had experienced the dreaded supplemental index, celebrated being in the top ten organic search, then slapped with the massive “unnatural link” penalty, but nonetheless fought the way out of the manual action penalty and got re-indexed. So I should have the right to claim I know a thing or two about SEO. Hah, but tonight I did a search using the keyword “Cluster Solutions” and this site wasn’t even indexed!

Well, I know this is no excuse even though I don’t get pay working on my own site, but this is more than a little embarrassing when I found out from my search that on Manta.com some water company in Irvine (by its Yelp profile) had in fact claimed this domain name to be theirs. What am I non-existence?!

So like my kids would say: “This is on!” I know there is no magic dust that can poof any site to rank high on Google except for with good contents. So good content it is then.

Hey, Google, index me, please…


Manta dot Com


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