Tim Tim

WordPress & OSCommerce Portable PHP Password Hashing Framework Compatibility

Whenever you have to move customers from one platform to another, a goal is always to reducing the amount of disruptions to the customers’ experience. With that in mind, it was pleasant to learn that I was able to move a customer’s password from OSCommerce to WP’s Woocommerce.┬áIt was a good deal that they both use the same password hashing framework, and it was as simple as running a test on a known hashed password between the two platforms. Now, onto moving the customers’ data, I think stored procedure may be a good way to go so stay tune…

Tim Tim

osCommerce, Who Cares About Product Viewed

Tracking the number of times a product is viewed is a great feature for any shopping cart to have. osCommerce has that feature. Having known that and having studied calculus so I thought it may be a good idea to also collect the time series data of the rate of change of a product being viewed. Well, that went on for almost 10 years (didn’t I say time-series data?). One day (life of a business owner first and geek second), so I thought there should be enough data to do some trend analysis and to see if it would be possible to identify a signal to purchase conversion. You know, something is not right when I was doing a sanity check on the aggregated numbers, and they are not tracking my Google Analytic numbers.

Guess what?!

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