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Using Smart Slider2 For WordPress In osCommerce

Ok, I am a big fan of WordPress’s plugins more than osCommerce’s addons. So it is natural that I would look for a WordPress slider to use in osCommerce before installing one of osCommerce’s addons. Well, that’s because I had done both and I tend to go with the path of less resistance. Perhaps that was the path of less resistance to me as I can code a little so it was easier to hack than had to show our creative folks on how to create or update a nifty animated slide. Here I am going to show you how I had hacked Smart Slider 2 for WordPress into an OSC demo store that I am creating. I am also going to assume that you had integrated WordPress into OSC. I must say the result had turned out great. There was definitely a learning curve on figuring out how to use the slider’s admin inteface, but once that’s done you can for sure update your OSC front page with ease.

Click to see it in action.

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